Wilmar Nakeni had his first artistic apparition in 2007 where he presented authentic poetic texts,a mean that he utilized during some years as his main artistic tool.

He has some texts published on anthology “Words of the movement Lev’Arte” under the seal of europress and another on the book of the young writer Mira Clock.

He carried simultaneously poetry and music until 2010 when he professionally compromised himself white music.

Today lyricist and interpreter he is essentially characterized as a black music genre artist, mainly on soul, and R&B, Wilmar Nakeni also gravitates on song genre and most varied styles in world music.

With presentations in varied spaces of live music, Wilmar sums to his growth the experience of acting on the II Bienal of Luanda International fair of Book and Disc, and the Luanda poetry festival. He participated on the first musical contest The Voice in Africa, The Voice Angola in 2015.

In 2017 this  contest placed him on the list of renowned nigerian YouTuber, Admola Victor TV, as the fourth best talent of the The Voice in Africa, being the only Angolan. The same performance was also highlighted as one of most thrilling and powerful by another internet.

In 2015, he had the pleasure to make the opening of the RBS Fashion show, one of the largest fashion show in Angola. In 2016 Wilmar Nakeni was invited to participate on the second edition of the AEA USA ( African Entertainment Award) in New Jersey United states of America for being a qualified finalist of the contest that promoted the event in Angola. 

In 2017 he released the music Vizinha which was his first single. He also held his own shows in 2018 and in 2019. He was part of the musicians that appeared on the ceremony of the public television. The ceremony was to Award all the journalist in the country.

Wilmar Nakeni proceeds whit his career in conquering new spaces and ears always carrying his gratitude in each opportunity.